Always adapting to our clients’ needs. We’re proud to offer excellent customer service

You don’t last more than two decades in any industry by accident. Our team thrives when it comes to providing our clients with adaptable, proactive recruiting solutions for both employers and job seekers.

Our Story

It takes complicated situations for innovators to come up with bold solutions. Our story is no different. Founded by our CEO Bryan Olson at the height of an economic downturn, Controller’s Group, Inc. has stood for more than two decades as a symbol for what people can accomplish in difficult situations. Starting out as an auditor (giving him the experience needed to thrive when it comes to helping those with accounting and finance backgrounds), Bryan started CGI because he had a strong feel for the Bay Area job market. He wanted to help others find situations that aligned with their skill set, and help employers find candidates who could provide tangible growth and actionable results. 

Bryan knew the approach he wanted to take—a small, dedicated team (refusing the opportunity to expand beyond our means in years to come) was going to be what set CGI apart from massive, nationwide recruiting companies. With a more centralized focus, he knew that CGI would be able to affect people on a profound level, giving candidates and employers alike the guidance they needed and the level of customer service that they deserved.

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We Find the Right Person for Every Job

It can’t just be anyone who joins your team—unique position requirements demand a specialized approach. We take all of your unique criteria into account, ultimately providing employers and job seekers with solutions that place qualified finance and accounting professionals in roles that suit their needs.

More Than Two Decades of Superior Service

Our team has carried on a tradition of quality customer service ever since we opened our doors in 1998 and has thrived in situations where so many other recruiting companies haven’t been able to come through. By providing our clients with integrity-driven solutions, we’ve shown the kind of results that a more dedicated partner can deliver. All it takes is a more personal touch.

Discover the CGI Difference

Making an impact in your industry is all about hiring the right personnel. At CGI, we’re focused on helping your team grow and on helping superior candidates find long-term homes at companies that make sense for their skill set and experience. Most of all, we’re focused on delivering results. We know that waiting around isn’t an option—it’s time to take your future into your own hands and choose a recruiting company that thrives in difficult situations. For more information on how our team can help you hire smarter (or get hired more quickly), reach out to CGI today.

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