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If you’re looking for trained and legitimate finance and accounting professionals in the Bay Area, Controller’s Group is your staffing liaison.

You already have a job focusing on your clients and helping your employees keep your business running smoothly. Our job at CGI is to set you up with dedicated professionals ready to hit the ground running to meet your company’s long-term or short-term needs.

Your Company Deserves the Best Candidates

You don’t manage a run-of-the-mill business, so the job board site you use to find candidates should be top of the line. Skilled and hardworking financial experts are at your fingertips with Controller’s Group, Inc. Elite professionals are looking for work in San Jose, California. CGI will put you in direct contact with driven specialists who are ready to work.

Ordinary job board sites have a generic and passive approach to finding employees fit for your business. Cultivated individuals who specialize in finance and accounting are in high demand, and you want access to the most talented team players the industry has to offer from all over San Jose.

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California Recruitment and Staffing

If you’re searching for job recruiters in San Jose, CGI is a top source for finding reliable candidates. We consider all important factors, such as whether the candidate has the required experience, aligns with your company culture, and will make a positive and lasting impression. We understand the job market is competitive, so it’s our mission to single out the best candidates to contribute to your company’s success. Our smooth onboarding process helps candidates transition seamlessly into your operations, regardless of the contract’s length.

Are you ready to meet reliable candidates you can depend on?

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Set Yourself Apart From Candidates’ Other Options

With the help of our staffing solutions, qualified workers arrive at your business ready to deliver top-of-the-line results. No other employment agency in San Jose offers such dependable recruiting services. The best part is that there’s no need to compromise on quality when you need a quick fix for an important project.

At CGI, we pride ourselves on how we help you hire smarter so you don’t lose out on qualified candidates. Once you’ve found a potential candidate, keep these helpful tips in mind during the interviewing process to make a wise decision you can be confident in:

Have a sense of urgency

The job market waits for no one. Keep a steady pace with your competitors so you don’t miss out on a top-quality candidate.

Offer Reasonably Competitive Pay

Be mindful of the rates and average salaries in the Bay Area so you don’t unintentionally low-ball your candidate—this could send a great employee to a higher-paying company.

Encourage Candidates to Ask Questions

Interviews go both ways. It’s vital for you to offer an opportunity to answer any questions about your company that the potential employee may have.

Be Prepared for Adaptation

The job market is always in flux. Be ready for changes, whether it’s candidates in search of new opportunities or development in the industry’s customary practices.

Recruiting Solutions That Keep Your Mind at Ease

When you don’t have access to proper resources, the task of finding a competent employee is daunting. CGI is committed to doing the hard work of finding the perfect employee for your company’s needs so you can remain accountable and stay up to date on personal responsibilities. That’s why we’re in the business of providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions to fill in the gaps.

In addition to short-term and long-term staffing, we also offer direct-hire recruiting and executive search solutions. We’re aware of the many roadblocks legitimate job seekers and employers face before they finally reach one another. We help to simplify the process and cut out any extra stress of filling roles in your organization.

We Offer Expertise and Reliability

No matter what or who you need, CGI delivers. For the past 15 years, our superior services and unique approach to job fulfilment has helped us to stand out from the rest. If you need placements in your financing or accounting departments, Controller’s Group, Inc. is your top choice for finding eligible experts in San Jose. We’re not just another staffing agency looking to find any candidate just so we can get paid and sever the partnership—we believe in ongoing professional alliances that will earn your business with us for years to come.

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