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Do you have everything you need to kick your job search into high gear? Controller’s Group, Inc. is here to guide you through what can so easily become a chaotic process.

Find Accounting and Finance Jobs More Effectively

Most job recruitment agencies have one goal in mind—to place candidates in the first immediate opening that bears a passing resemblance to what they’re looking for. And while we know candidates would prefer to find the right option quickly, our team believes in going above and beyond. Controller’s Group, Inc. is here to help you maneuver beyond all the red tape that’s waiting for you just beyond accounting and finance job boards, allowing you to gain the inside track on positions you actually want. If you’re like most job seekers, your search has left you with more questions than answers. We’re here to help with that, too.

Why should I work with Controller’s Group, Inc.?

Working with a contingency staffing agency is the ideal way to conduct your job search. We operate at no cost to you or the client until a placement is made. We identify roles for you based on your specific job search criteria. With direct access to hiring managers, Controller’s Group will make sure that your resume is put in front of the right people so that it doesn’t waste away in an HR black hole. Once there is interest expressed in your background, our team makes sure that you are fully prepared for your interview and are supported throughout the entire process.

What sets CGI apart?

As a boutique firm focused on ONLY accounting and finance recruiting in the Bay Area, Controller’s Group has a firm grasp of the current state of the job market. With 18 years of experience, we have a robust database of clients with ongoing relationships across all industries. We take pride in our local partnerships and don’t try to spread ourselves too thin across all domestic markets.

What if there aren’t any immediate opportunities available?

Controller’s Group has long been respected for its integrity and the ethical way we conduct our business. We take the time to communicate with our candidates even if there isn’t an immediate match for a role to make sure you understand that we care about your employment goals.

What if my search needs to be kept confidential?

Controller’s Group, Inc. takes all confidential job searches very seriously. We will make sure that our client is aware of your status and will carefully walk you through the entire process with your anonymity ensured.

How can I start my job search with CGI? 

You can begin the process by uploading your resume or applying for a job on our website. You can also contact the nearest office location to schedule an in-person, confidential interview with one of our team members.

Curious What Our Job Seekers Have to Say?

Our goal isn’t just to find the first opening that matches your experience. We want to make sure our team finds an opportunity for you that allows you to thrive, whether it’s a short-term contract or a long-term placement. If you’re curious how our services have been able to help countless job seekers in the past, read what our clients have said about their past collaborations with CGI. If you’re ready to take your job search to the next level, start your collaboartion with one of the most dynamic recruiting companies in the Bay Area.

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Job Seeker Blog

Standing out from the crowd just got a lot easier, thanks to CGI. We know how much of a struggle a job search can become, especially when you feel like you have to go it alone. What you need is access to information that’s actually going to make a difference for finding a steady-paying job and charting the trajectory of your career. With our For Job Seekers blog, you’ll learn everything you need to know about improving your resume, punching up your interview skills, and identifying the right environment for your skill set.


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You don’t last more than two decades in the recruiting business without being adaptable. At CGI, we pride ourselves on adjusting our approach to help clients find placements at companies across several different industries. If you want to find out firsthand how we can make your job search run more smoothly, reach out to CGI today.

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