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Looking for long-term stability?
CGI offers seamless direct-hire services.

What does your future look like? If you’re like most job seekers, you want to find a situation that’s going to bring you success not just in the short term, but for years to come.

Job Seeker Recruitment Services You Can Trust

In a competitive job market, you always want to have a leg up on other applicants. But how can you differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidate pool? What is a direct hire recruiter? How can you make sure that your experience doesn’t go unremarked upon by hiring managers at companies you’re dying to work for? You need someone who can not only get you in the room with your ideal employer, but a partner that also can prepare you for that crucial interview with a company that’s actively looking for a candidate just like you. You need Controller’s Group, Inc. on your side. 

Our support throughout your entire job hunt is broken into specific categories, providing you with solutions that meet any need that might arise.


What’s driving you on your search? For many, it’s simply finding somewhere that provides the compensation they need to live a comfortable life. For others, it’s about finding somewhere with an office that provides a simple, manageable commute. Our introductory phone call gets to the root of why you’re searching for the kind of job you’re searching for so that we can find an opportunity that matches seamlessly with your expectations.

Opportunity Sourcing

Once our team identifies core areas of focus for your search, it’s our job to present you with opportunities that make sense for you. We carefully analyze the information you’ve provided us, including your previous experience, resume, and other essentials so we can match you with employers that are offering what you’re looking for.

Ongoing Support

At CGI, our goal is not to find you the first opportunity—it’s to find you the best opportunity. We collaborate with all of our clients closely—we firmly believe that the best results are the ones that come after consistent communication. Whatever you need to find your ideal working environment, we’re committed to providing that for you. 


Finding a solution that works for you requires having an extensive network. CGI’s connections in the Bay Area are a direct result of more than two decades of consistent partnership with companies from a wide variety of industries, including cutting-edge fields like life science, biotech, accounting and finance, pharmaceuticals, and many others. If you want to land in the finance and accounting department in an industry that actually interests you, we’re here to help.

No Need to Overcomplicate Things

If you want results, you need to work with a partner that’s singularly focused on delivering what you’re looking for. For permanent positions in finance or accounting roles, CGI delivers.

Processes That Work

There’s so much confusion and chaos with every job search. Every application begets a slow response from the company; networking events are a lot of social interaction for something that doesn’t yield the results you want. It’s time that you have an advocate to help cut through the background noise and put you in front of companies you actually want to work for long-term. CGI is here to help.

Shorten Your Search For Direct Hire Jobs

Why wait if you don’t have to? Finding an opportunity that closely aligns with your future goals, previous experience, and desired field isn’t easy to come by on your own. Shouldn’t you be collaborating with a recruiter who can make things more manageable? If you’re interested in how we can help you land a role in an environment that fosters your growth and allows you to achieve your full potential, reach out to CGI today.

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