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Find your ideal working environment.
Our team is committed to helping you land in the right spot.

We know how difficult job searches can be. At Controller’s Group, Inc., we take the guesswork out of your employment search—we provide all the tools you need to end up in the ideal situation for your experience and skill set. 

Employment Solutions That Work

You’ve scoured the job boards. You’ve cold-messaged connections on LinkedIn. You have the resume, the experience, and everything else you’ve been told would secure you long-term gainful employment. And still no luck. It’s not always an issue with your approach—more often than not, employers simply have too much on their plate to give you the time and attention you deserve when the candidate pool is already so broad. So, what can you do? You can start by putting yourself in a better position to get the results you need. You can start by collaborating with Controller’s Group, Inc. for your job search.  

With a vast range of resources and years of experience collaborating alongside companies from a wide variety of industries, our team is uniquely positioned to help candidates searching for accounting and finance jobs.

We make job placement simple. With a deep network and a dedicated in-house job recruiting service available, we have everything you need to find an environment that aligns with your skill set and experience.

Temporary Work

Looking for a short-term placement or contract? Not everything has to be for the long haul. For candidates seeking temporary work, our team can help you land in a space that values your contribution, no matter how long you end up staying.

Direct Work (Permanent)

Stability is hard to come by. That’s why our goal is to remove the normal hurdles and pitfalls that come with seeking long-term employment. CGI has experience collaborating with companies across several different industries and has a proven track record of placing candidates in environments that make sense for their future.

woman shaking hand of her new employer

Bringing Job Seekers and Employers Together

Whether you’re trying to find short-term opportunities or you’re thinking further down the road, CGI is here to guide you through the entire process with simple, streamlined solutions. 

Accounting and Finance Job Opportunities Are Out There

Sometimes, it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to help you find them. We’re committed to helping you find a situation that makes sense for your present and your future. There’s no perfect solution out there for everyone, which is why we tailor our approach based on your unique career goals and experience. For more information on how our team can turn a confusing, frustrating process into one that’s ultimately successful, reach out to CGI today.

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