Important Tips for Finding Jobs in the Bay Area

Silicon Valley and the San Fransisco Bay Area top the charts whenever somebody talks about the best regions or cities for job growth and pay. With thousands of companies across virtually every industry and sector choosing to call the region home, it’s easy to understand why — especially if you’re looking for a career in finance or accounting.

Companies want to be in San Francisco, which has helped the Bay Area’s employment base to swell to more than 3.7 million workers. These professionals collectively earn an average household income of more than $96,000—substantially higher than the national average of $57,617. If you’re a job seeker in the Silicon Valley area (including the San Francisco Bay and surrounding communities), it’s never been a better time to find high-paying work.

Here we offer some advice and tips that job-seekers can use to increase their chances of getting noticed and hired for one of these competitive, alluring positions.

  • Be Able to Demonstrate Experience – This is probably the single most important qualification for anyone seeking any job. Real examples of past success are key to showcasing your skill set.
  • Have the Right Training – Earning the proper degrees and certifications can help you to learn the skills you need to be successful, while also helping you develop the valuable, real-world experience that employers expect from candidates. The workforce in San Francisco is extremely diverse and highly educated, as about one in five of the city’s residents holds a graduate or professional degree.
  • Highlight what Makes You Special – It’s never been more important to be able to find an edge and differentiate yourself from other applicants. High pay, combined with the benefits and prestige of working at one of the many companies that call the Bay Area home, means increased competition for even entry-level positions in many fields.
  • Use a Staffing Agency – A staffing agency, also known as a recruiting agency or job agency, can give you the edge to get your foot in the door. Companies like ours take your resume and your interests and place you with companies who are looking for people like you, with your specific set of skills. By utilizing multiple sources and centralizing information in a fast and efficient database, we can quickly match your requirements and deliver optimum results.

Job searching anywhere takes time and patience. The road to landing a job can seem endless, and in a competitive environment like the Bay Area, it can seem overwhelming. Having a group of experienced professionals like those of us at Controller’s Group, Inc. can not only lessen your stress, but we can also find the job that’s perfect for you!