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Looking For a Quality Finance Staffing Agency, San Francisco?

If you need a professional accounting staffing agency in the Bay Area, look no further. There are countless ways in which your day-to-day operations can change in an instant. Maybe a crucial employee is out on paternity leave or maybe they left your company entirely and moved somewhere else. Promotions, downsizing, sick leave—you can account for some changes, but even those are still changes, nonetheless. They all require adjustment, and no recruiting solutions provider is more capable of helping you adapt to new circumstances than Controller’s Group, Inc. 

For Employers

Finding qualified candidates who meet your criteria can feel impossible without the right resources at your disposal. With more than two decades of experience helping established companies, small startups, and everyone in-between find solutions to complicated hiring scenarios, we’re confident that we can deliver results that align with your future plans. We’ve seen how our clients have struggled in the wake of tough economic situations and have the experience and personnel in-house to help you move forward confidently.

For Job Seekers

Standing out in a massive crowd of potential employees can feel extremely daunting—wouldn’t it be easier if you had someone to guide you through the entire process? Controller’s Group, Inc. is dedicated to helping job seekers land roles in finance and accounting departments within companies across several different industries. By proactively identifying promising opportunities for short-term contracts and direct hires, we can find the right situation for you. 

Revitalize Your Approach

It’s time to inject some life into your search. Controller’s Group, Inc. has spent years developing services that yield quality results for employers and job seekers alike.

Your Hiring Process, Simplified

Finding someone who can immediately fill a void for your team is tough. If you’re looking to bring on a candidate who’s a Big Four accounting firm alum, or someone with experience in technical accounting, your search might extend longer than you’d hoped. 

At Controller’s Group, Inc., we’re committed to helping your team identify candidates who not only make sense for right now, but actively put you in a better position to succeed long-term (even if they’re only short-term hires). We know your pain points. We know the struggles you’re up against in a competitive job market. As the premier accounting staffing agency, Bay Area companies have long relied on CGI to deliver actionable results that drive growth for their finance and accounting departments.

Make Your Life Easier

You need to focus on your core competencies—who has time to allocate all of their resources toward hiring? Leave that to the experts. For solutions that make sense for your placement, choose CGI. Reach out to our team and jumpstart your journey now. 

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