Temporary Staffing Solutions

Your needs are always changing.
For adaptable recruiting, choose CGI.

Most temporary staffing agencies provide only makeshift solutions. But short-term hires don’t have to be totally expendable; CGI helps you hire temporary employees who leave a lasting impact.

Short-Term Hires Can Lead to Long-Term Growth

Candidates are continually frustrated by job searches and employers are frustrated that they can’t seem to find the right person to fill their placements. If you want to cut through the background noise, you need to start working with a staffing team that helps you hire smarter.

If you’re looking for temporary accounting staffing or short-term employees to join your financial department, it’s time that you broaden your search and start working with someone who goes above and beyond that of an average temp agency. Controller’s Group, Inc. helps our clients find candidates that fit seamlessly within their processes, regardless of how long their contract may be. With superior hiring solutions for short-term projects and contract work, we’re uniquely positioned to help you find the ideal candidate to fill your vacancy.

Make an Impact With Every Hire

Relying on a quick fix for a short-term project doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality. Our team can help you satisfy your project-based needs with high-quality candidates.

Make the Most of Your Short-Term Hires

Accounting temps don’t have to be expendable; short-term finance hires can actually make an impact. Are you limiting the scope of what your project-based staff can achieve? When you’re working with the right candidates, there’s no reason to. At CGI, we want to put qualified candidates in front of your hiring manager, regardless of what kind of work you need them to complete. With an extensive database of superior applicants available at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever for your team to find the right personnel for your next project.


Streamline the Onboarding Process

You don’t want just anyone to come in and work for your company—you want people who can come in right away and hit the ground running. When you have an immediate need for a project or a short-term role that has to be filled as soon as possible, you can’t afford to waste time. At CGI, we hire based on your needs—that means helping you identify qualified candidates in a timeframe that fits your schedule. For more information on how we can help you hire smarter for your next short-term placement, reach out to our team today.



Don’t Ever Compromise on Quality

Bringing on exceptional candidates is all about understanding the market. We help your team attract potential employees who help you move forward and drive positive change for your organization.

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