Executive Recruitment Services

Find C-level candidates who share your vision. Give your leadership team the boost it needs.

Most executive headhunter services provide retainer-only solutions. At CGI, we only see results when your team does.

Executive Recruitment Services You Can Count On

What’s your criteria for bringing on a new member for your executive team? If you’re like most companies, a lot of care and attention needs to be paid to filling a placement for a leadership role. They’re the ones who dictate the future direction of your company—the employees who build your culture and improve your strategies. You need someone who’s going to be able to not only fit seamlessly within your current infrastructure and hit the ground running, but also look for new ways to revitalize your organization and drive positive change. Controller’s Group, Inc. is uniquely equipped to help you find that someone. 

With more than two decades of experience working with companies in the Bay Area, we have the in-house resources necessary to find an executive candidate who aligns with your needs. We’ve worked with companies to find finance and accounting professionals in industries including:

  • Life science
  • Biotech
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical device development
  • Software
  • And more!

What’s Holding Your Team Back?

If you’re missing that last piece of the puzzle, you need a partner that specializes in making companies whole. With dynamic recruiting services, Controller’s Group, Inc. can help your team hire smarter.

Enrich Your Company With Quality Hires

Finding top talent in your field isn’t always a straightforward process. Searching for candidates who make sense for your needs can take time and leave you feeling frustrated. We’re all on the hunt for that dream job, the same way every company is on the hunt for that dream applicant—why not work with a recruiter that brings the two together seamlessly? Our team’s deep database of quality prospects has helped countless companies change the way they operate, for better and for always.

Simplify Your Search With Thorough Executive Headhunters

Job searches can be incredibly frustrating for both the candidate and the company. That’s why having someone who can cut through the background noise and deliver tangible results is so essential. Our team works diligently with your hiring manager and essential personnel to identify the core areas where you want your candidate to excel. From there, we apply that criteria to the search, using far-reaching methods designed to uncover diamonds in the rough. 

We know how hard finding your dream candidate can be—isn’t it time you worked with someone who made your life easier? For more information on how we can expedite your hiring process and proactively identify quality C-level candidates, reach out to Controller’s Group, Inc. today.

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