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Is your company capable of attracting the highest quality candidates? Just because you’re aware of what makes your team special doesn’t mean that it’s apparent to everyone else. CGI is here to help you give your team all the tools you need to stand out.

Hiring Advice You Can Count On

You’ve seen the blogs: “What Are the Best Interview Questions to Ask Candidates?”, “CPA Interview Questions That You Need to Ask”, and beyond. But it’s not just about asking the right questions during an interview. Job seekers might be feeling desperate if their search has gone on for months on end, but that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily jump at the chance to join your company if you don’t provide them a good reason to do so.


Hire Smarter With CGI

Don’t let qualified candidates slip through the cracks. Our team is committed to helping you provide the most attractive employment opportunities for the applicants you actually want to hire.

What Employers Can Do Right Now

Some companies offer more benefits than others. Some offer unique perks, like remote work capability or the option to bring their pet to work. But what if you can’t provide those things? There are still ways that you can make your hiring process more effective. Our hiring advice for all companies is based around the principle that these are things you can change right now—if you take the time to put in the work now, you’ll reap the rewards in the future.

Move Quickly

The market moves fast—maintaining (and even setting) the pace with your competitors is essential for landing qualified candidates. If an applicant is working with several different recruiters (which is not uncommon in the Bay Area), that means they’re likely hearing back from multiple companies.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Don’t lowball candidates—it’s an easy way to turn them off right away and send them to another company. Make sure you’re paying attention to rates and average salaries in your area. Any offer lower than that will likely decrease the chance that they come and work for you.

Interviews Go Both Ways

You should never be the only one asking questions. Candidates want to know about your culture and processes just as much as you want to know about their experience. Make sure you’re putting in the time to answer any questions they might have about your company.

Be Adaptable

Changes come quickly—whether it’s a deluge of candidates seeking new opportunities because of changes in the market or employers identifying a crucial area that they all require support in, you need to stay on top of what’s going on in the world.

Make the Right Choice For Your Future

At Controller’s Group, Inc., we want to put you in the best position possible to lock down experienced, qualified candidates who can make an immediate impact on your team. And that means providing your company with the guidance and expertise that has helped us place countless candidates in roles across finance and accounting departments throughout the Bay Area.

The Time to Prepare Is Now

At CGI, we’ve outlined a few crucial steps that all companies can take to make sure they stay in the running to land that prized candidate.

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