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“I had the privilege of working with Tracy during my time at Controllers Group as a recruiter. Tracy was a huge influencer as I developed my approach to recruiting and she was one of the main trainers that put a lot of effort in directing my passion and excitement. One of my favorite things about working for Tracy is how she is always helping her team think outside the box to maintain results. Her passion for the recruiting industry is contagious and I would highly recommend her for any finance/accounting hiring needs within your organization.”
Stacia E. (Resource Manager)

“If it wasn’t for Tracy and her crew at Controller’s Group, I wouldn’t be where I am today! She excels at making the candidate feel cared for, rather than a simple revenue stream, which is so rare in the staffing industry. Having her help steer the ship truly made unemployment much less daunting of a process. To boot, her portfolio of clients gives you access to some of the hottest and most desirable companies in the Bay Area, a list that most other firms do not have. If you are about to embark on a job/career change, I highly recommend reaching out to Tracy for guidance.”
Danny M. (Analyst)

“I recently worked with Tracy on my job search. Tracy is highly energetic, proactive, thorough and very understanding recruiting professional. My experience with her has been wonderful and a great success! I would highly recommend her to accounting professionals currently looking for new career opportunities.”
Purvi S. (Senior Manager)

“You will get quality results from Tracy. She is able to work within the constraints of today’s business climate and find alternative solutions. Her experience has brought her through both good and bad economic years so she knows how to adjust search tactics to meet the needs of your placement. In today’s difficult times, I have been impressed by some of the creative techniques that Tracy and her team have exhibited to find the right candidate. It would be well worth your time to have a meeting with Tracy to talk about how she will find your the best fit for your needs. I would use Tracy again.”
Harvard S. (CFO)

“Tracy has worked for me on several occassions because she is thorough in what she does and delivers. She is the first one I will call for my recruiting needs. Tracy and her team know the finance world and is able to provide top notch people.”
Mark L. (Director of Finance)

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