Big or Boutique? Using a Boutique Staffing Firm for Best Results

When you need to fill a generic job where just about any warm body will do, a large recruiting firm is a definite in-and-out option. However, when you have a specialty job, a niche market, or a project that requires specific training, a boutique staffing agency could be a better way to go.  

Boutique staffing agencies work more closely with clients, focusing on the quality of placements, not the quantity. Larger firms operate on the philosophy that more is better, seeking to gain the attention of the largest possible crowd in hopes that the number of eventual opportunities or candidates will be equally large. 

Yes, they are reaching a wider audience, but this results in billable hours spent parsing through resume after resume. Boutique firms take the time to get to know their clients and their candidates, so they only have to reach out to a small pool of highly qualified candidates or companies to find the right one. Using a boutique firm gives advantages that can really make the most out of your investment. 

A boutique firm like Controllers Group Inc. (CGI) offers specific services to a local client base. We are tightly focused on finance and accounting positions and professionals.  

Controller’s Group has been established specifically in the Bay Area for 18 years. Our size is purposeful. We are entrenched in the Silicon Valley – and only the Silicon Valley. Our vast network of local accounting and finance professionals can meet the varied needs of any open position. Maintaining a local presence also means that we can meet with you in person to understand your hiring needs and gain insight into your organization or you personally as a job seeker, so we can identify highly skilled candidates who match specific requirements. 

 Our experienced recruiting managers have years of work history in recruiting in accounting and finance and have their fingers on the pulse of the local hiring needs. Our service to our customers is our highest business priority. Our goal is that our candidates become clients and our clients become candidates. Since our inception in 1998, CGI prides itself on our track record in making quality placements and our long-term relationships with our Bay Area clients.