Working with a Head Hunter

Looking for your dream job in the financial sector? Consider seeking the assistance of a head hunter. An employment “head hunter” is a person whose function is to match qualified candidates (like you!) with their ideal careers in the financial industry. At Controller’s Group, we do this on a regular basis for individuals throughout the Bay Area.


What You Need Right Away

To make the best use of your time, you should make sure that you do several things before you meet. Have your resume and a basic cover letter ready to go. We want to help you, but we also need to know what you have to offer and what you are looking for. We’ll ask you about your background, education, and experience, and we may even help you discover just what sets you apart from other job seekers in the market today.


Discovering the Benefits

Wondering why you should work with a head hunter like us? It’s easy! The tedium of finding and vetting a company or corporation is already done for you. Your role is to accept the job or go to the interview.


We’re dealing with the financial services job market in the Bay Area every single day. We can advise you about where you would best fit for long or short term assignments. Some companies exclusively use staffing agencies (the more modern term for head hunter) for their short term needs, so you can always keep your options open.


Forming a good working relationship with a staffing agency like ours means when another job that fits your interests comes up, even if you weren’t looking for something at the time, you are automatically notified. Doing so can help you stay abreast of the job market while focusing on your current job and your life.


Some people prefer instead to apply directly, to cut out the middle man between themselves and companies looking for specific workers. The downside? You have to do all the research and legwork yourself, without the experience of someone tied into the local job network. By the time you’ve tracked down your dream job, don’t be surprised if it’s already been snapped up—by a candidate who had the good sense to let a headhunter like us help. Contact us now to learn more.