Is a Job in Finance Right For You?

Finance jobs cover a wide group of related enterprises and require diverse skill sets. No matter what your personality type, there could be a great career in finance waiting for you.

Taking a Closer Look At Your Personality

Understanding just where you may fit within this exciting market sector is important.


  • Are you a people person? An extroverted person can be very comfortable in the finance sector, despite the stereotype of awkward bankers with their green shades. Many jobs in the finance sector require collaboration with other people and departments, working directly with clients, even speaking for your company. Investments necessarily involve another person – the investor – and while they want you and your company to be technically skilled, they also want someone they can easily talk to.


  • Do you prefer to work alone? Several jobs in finance can be just right for you, too! Accountants, while many work directly with clients and with partners and others, spend many hours alone with their numbers. Investment firms also need to have departments making sure the numbers add up, that regulations are met, and that forecasts and predictions have the accurate numbers behind them. There are many, many behind the scenes calculations, tabulations, and record-keeping jobs that must be done precisely and that can take you away from the hustle and bustle if that’s what you prefer.


Getting the Right Job

How can you get into a good financial job? All the usual advice for job seeking applies: do your research, present your best self with your resume, practice your interview skills. One key strategy remains, though, one you may not have considered—using a recruiting agency.


A recruiting agency, especially one that specializes in finance jobs like Controller’s Group, Inc., can match your specific wants, needs, and talents with the right company for your goals. Whether you’re seeking a temporary or permanent position, CGI can help you find your dream job in finance.