Going Green- Moving Towards a Paperless Work Environment

In an effort to move toward a more green environment,  Controller’s Group Inc. has taken steps to eliminate our paper consumption and has automated our timecard system. For some this may seem trivial, but we are excited that we have the opportunity to reduce our environmental imprint.

We have taken this step forward with our payroll provider, Paylocity, who offers us the opportunity to automate our processes and reduce our waste.

As a recruitment agency, we have ongoing placements of contract accounting and finance staff and as such we are dealing with hundreds of timecards a month.  In addition to providing us with a cloud based solution for our payroll processing,  Paylocity has helped us with a paperless timecard system so our consultants can just enter their hours on line and get an email approval of their hours from their hiring managers.

We could not be  happier with Paylocity and would recommend their product suite for anyone looking for a new integrated payroll solution!

Check out Paylocity’s Website here: http://paylocity.com/