Your First Day On the Job

So you landed a great job through your job placement agency and now it’s your first day! First days are stressful for everyone, so remember that it’s not just you. There’s always a period of adjustment. Every workplace is a little different, so it’s natural to feel out of sorts and a bit confused even if you’ve been doing this job somewhere else for years.

Whether this is a permanent position or a short-term one, there are a few simple rules you should keep in mind to make your first day (and the ones that follow) a success.

  • Do: be polite, be respectful, be friendly. You may only be at this job for a few months, but first impressions are stressed for a reason. You’ll be working with these people for either a set period of time or well into the near future, and it’s best to start things right. Besides, you never know who knows who, and companies give feedback to the job placement agency.
  • Don’t: Talk incessantly about how they did it at a previous job. Especially on your first day, a big part of your job is to learn how things work at this company. Within reason, you should defer to those who know the company policy better than you do. Telling people how to do their job on your first day, unless you’ve been hired to do exactly that, will not make a good impression.
  • Do: Be enthusiastic and confident. The job placement agency matched you with this company and this company hired you for a reason. You can do it!

Don’t: Neglect the basics! Always be on time and adhere to the dress code of your new workplace.  Being on time may not be noted, but being late will be. If you’re unclear on the dress code, business dress is always a safe option.