Common Misconceptions about Job Placement Agencies

The job placement agency is a misunderstood business. Known as recruiting agencies, job placement agencies, head hunters, staffing agencies, employment agencies, and staffing companies, many think of them as narrowly focused on temporary, low-paying clerical work. This could not be farther from the truth. Staffing Industry Analysts predict that the total industry will reach $139.1 billion in 2016, which is certainly not happening only on placing clerks!

Historically, job placement agencies did only work with companies to provide temporary, minimal wage clerical work. The job environment has changed quite a bit, however, and now there are agencies to place people in administrative positions, all levels of healthcare, all levels of finance, including accounting and investment, industrial jobs, and information technology.

Job placement agencies work with companies for all sorts of jobs. All levels of salary are covered from CEOs to entry-level wages, from the high-paying financial sector to the more modest clerical positions. They handle short-term placements, long-term placements, and placements that are permanent from the beginning and that are temporary with option to hire permanently.

The company who needs a worker contacts the job placement agency and the agency finds one of their contacts who has the skills needed and whose interests fit the company. The worker does not have to take the position – the agency matches people with jobs that are as best suited as possible, but it’s always the worker’s decision. When a good match is found, the company pays the agency: no one should be paying to work with a staffing agency! It’s beneficial to all parties.

Over a third of Fortune 500 companies used a job placement agency in 2012, so agencies aren’t a niche market thing. Consider Controller’s Group Inc. for your next placement and be part of the future of finance.